Everyone is talking about how people are dealing with this time in quarantine. How it has affected mental health. The COVID pandemic has brought great loss to the whole world. The business is shut down and markets are empty. No colleges, no schools but besides this, I think quarantine has done a lot good to all of us.

This time will never come back…

I have learned in this period that nothing matters except the good memories we have collected with everyone. Now, there is no ego, no issues, no anger, just waiting when I will meet my friends and create more memories. Because everything lefts behind, what you remember is the good time you had.
Not only this, but I have also been in contact with a few of my friends, calling them regularly makes me realize that the so-called list of friends which include 100 of persons are not the real ones. The real friends of mine are only with whom I am in contact and who actually call me to know how I am. Who does actually care?

At this point, many people who are alone, and realizes the value of family and are under mental stress. Because you cannot live alone for such a long period of time. You need someone to care for you, someone for whom you are special. So, this depression has taken a mode of suicide for many people.
In fact, now I have more time for myself. I have learned cooking. Helping mom made me realize how much load of work she handles everyday. I have been free from all kinds of stress. No worries of the future. Just living happily the days in the present.

The good about lockdown

Now, people realize the importance of other people, their friends which we usually haven’t look because of our busy lives. Everyone is now spending time with their families. Parents are able to give their children time and children too are able to share their emotions with them, making the bond stronger. Bringing more of good quality time together. this relation between parents and children was not seen in this modern world as parents don’t have enough time to spend with their children and so children find love from the outer world. I am especially talking about teenage groups. so, lockdown at home has brought us all together and develop the understanding value of family.

I have noticed people are now involved in more physical activities. Every age group whether adults, teenagers, or children, are now having time to take care of their health. Wearing masks, people are going to walk in the morning and evening. Parents are playing badminton and other games with their children. I have also been doing a workout at home. This really freshens ups my mind and felt the importance of physical health.
Mental and physical health go hand in hand. To keep one health other has to be healthy first. Thus, if you are happy and don’t stress about anything, you will like to involve in some good activities. And so your physical health will automatically get fit.

There is a lot more good about being in lockdown

Yes, schools and colleges are shut down but education isn’t stopped. New technology has given the privilege that we can sit at home and continue our studies. Online teaching has neither made teachers, as well as children, stop this world. The education is flowing even in this pandemic situation.
Except for health, people are coming out with their hidden talents. I have seen many of my friends who are posting stories of their paintings, some with Shayari, some with blogs, and some are posting their dance videos. That is so good to know that what our busy life has stolen from us is back in this period of lockdown.

Thus, today my aim to discuss this topic is because everything comes with good and bad. We all have been talking about bad things happening due to lockdown but shouldn’t we also talk about all the positive things happening due to this lockdown.

Share your experiences. What you have been doing this lockdown period? How being lockdown at home bring change to you? What is good in your quarantine period? Mention yourself in comments with positive vibes in this quarantine time of a pandemic outbreak.

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