What would you choose to take a risk or because of fear of being not able to win not to go with that option.? The choice is always personal.
I would say why not opt first and see what its all about rather than making an outcome and not opting for the opportunity. Every person would have different experiences. Some might get a good experience while others might have experienced the same situation badly. So it is never that particular thing or situation is good or bad.


When the opportunity is in front of you, and because of your fear or from someone’s experience you are letting it go. I would regret this if I let such an opportunity go which will make me learn something new, which gonna give me a new experience, and some memories. Yes, I agree it may be bad at times but experiencing is what I love good or bad.
Whether it’s love or risking your job or your studies or anything which you in the future while dying to think if I would have done this what would it lead to? So, not to regret later I would like to take a risk now just at this moment.

Risk which I regret in my life

After 12 when I have to choose a college for my future graduating studies which will continue for a further 5 years, I chose the college near my hometown. I felt this was my biggest mistake because I am a person who loves exploring new places. But I have a bad schedule for 5 years that is from home to college and then again back home. I do laugh sometimes at my own choice. But I have a reason for going to this college. But I regret it too. If at that moment I had been emotionally strong I guess right now I would be a better place achieving my dreams.  But believing in my destiny it all happens for good. I have developed personality, have many changes in myself. So, I would take it in a positive way. I don’t wanna regret anything.

Risk which I don’t regret

For the first time, I fell in love with a guy. Actually, when the relationship initiated it wasn’t loved just liking. I actually don’t believe in a relationship because I have a fear that someone will break my heart and I would not be able to handle my self. But still, when he proposed to me, I wanna take this risk I said yes. And it really was something new that I have never experienced. I have done so many daring things, I have felt the love, the touch. I even cannot explain. Now, we are no more together but I don’t regret it because this risk which I have taken had really given me good memories and I have so many new experiences.

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