On the way back to home from Goa, my train to home was at 6 p.m. in the evening while we reached Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal at 6 in the morning. The moment we deposited our luggage, I was out to explore Mumbai as much as I can. I was astonished very first by the Chhatrapati terminal. It is so huge and beautiful. Though it is a terminus to board and get off trains, you cannot help marveling at the stunning architecture of the building. Whether you intend to take a train or not, this is a must-visit site in Mumbai.


From there me and my friends decide to reach the Gateway of India on foot because it would take 20 minutes approximately. It was a lucky day as the weather was so good.


The morning at Gateway of India is the best part of Mumbai. We clicked so many photos over there. Also, it was so relaxing in such weather with friends. In front of the Gateway of India is the Taj Mahal hotel. Rather it was under construction. The second pic is the new Taj mahal hotel built just beside the old one. Since we didn’t have much time to visit the Taj hotel and neither of us have so much money to afford it, so we just clicked photos and went to our next destination.

You can also visit Elephanta caves. To reach this place, you need to take a one-hour ferry ride from the Gateway of India, during which you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of Mumbai. I do wanna visit but because of lack of time, I canceled my plan to Elephanta caves.

The second destination was the famous Hazi Ali Dargah. We took a cab and was on our way to it.  A walk through the causeway that connects the Dargah to the Lala Rajput Rai Marg is the main attraction of this place. Feel the spirituality of this place while enjoying a panoramic view of the deep blue waters. The pillars of the Shrine are artistic and the mirror work in the monument is stunning. 

Worli Sea Link is a bridge that links Bandra in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in South Mumbai. Bandra Worli Sea Link, also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is a cable-stayed bridge. The whole journey of 8 km, which earlier used to take 45 to 60 minutes, can now be completed in just 7 to 10 minutes. The night at the bridge is more wonderful to travel with friends.


Juhu Beach is one such spectacular place in Mumbai, especially for sunset at this place and is often visited by couples who need a little romantic escape from the city life. But by then it was really hot so we didn’t spend much time over there and move towards our next destination after clicking some good photos.


It is an ideal place to relax and spend some romantic moments on a beautiful evening. This is also one of the popular places to visit in Mumbai at night. But it’s not bad to explore at day time also. The tetrapods enhance the beauty of this place. The cold breeze from the water around it mesmerize its beauty. Marine Drive is in the heart of Mumbai as you can have easy access to it from anywhere in Mumbai. It is 3km long and it borders the Arabian Sea forming a bay. The stretch is ‘C’ shaped.


Moments spent with friends are moments filled with unlimited fun and joy. The city of Mumbai offers you and your friend’s many options to indulge in boundless fun and entertainment. And within some hours we all will separate and so we decided to have a tour of our favorite Bollywood stars house and spend more time with each other.


My favorite is Salman khan. I have even clicked a photo in front of his house. I really wished if I could just meet him. But I also know it won’t be possible. That day in fact he wasn’t in Mumbai. This way we keep on going to the next Bollywood stars home. Yes, we have seen Mrs. Gauri Khan wife of Shahru khan on the car just crossed by us. In front of their house, SUI DHAGA movie promotion was going on. We stand there for some time and went to the next place.


Going back to home from Mumbai without shopping would be disappointed for Mumbai itself. Before heading to train home we decided to go shopping and the Collaba Causeway would be a shopping paradise forever. With shops after shops piled up with goodies, you are sure to have a great time shopping everything from inexpensive clothes to sophisticated designer wears, home décor items to jewelry, and everything you want.

For food fanatics, the place has a lot of restaurants and cafés. Also experience an explosion of flavors of pav Bhaji, vada pav, pani puri, bhel puri, and more…


The best thing I felt about Mumbai is the people who live there. The localities are very good. They welcome you as their guests. The cab drivers introduce you to the whole Mumbai city and help you explore with good stuffed knowledge. This is from my personal experience I am sharing with you that visit Mumbai once and you will definitely look forward to another chance to visit this beautiful city.

Now, when I look back I realized how many new places I had explored within just 12 hours. Yes, I know there are lot more places I have to explore but knowing these 12 hours has given me the best never forgetting the experience of my life. Because Mumbai is not just a place to visit its emotion. And I am looking forward to making a plan soon to visit Mumbai for a longer period this time.

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