In this blog, I will describe to you what does each department of dentistry signifies? What kind of treatment is performed in which department? Being a dentist or even for students going to pursue BDS must know what are we dealing with in each department. As a patient, one must know which dentist they should approach to for a particular disease.

BDS(bachelor of dental surgery) consists of 8 departments. Each department performs different treatment procedures. All departments are linked to each other. A person after completing BDS can do masters in any of these departments.

Department of Prosthodontics,Crown & Bridge

Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis , treatment planning , rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function , comfort, appearance and health of patients with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. 

The department of Prosthodontics is majorly for aesthetics. People in old age who lose all teeth or some teeth are missing are replaced. Teeth to be replaced can be fixed type or removable.

Department of Implantology

This emerging super specialty in Dentistry functions as an independent department having specialists from co specialties. The implantology department provides permanent replacements for prematurely lost teeth. It is fully equipped with the latest implant surgical kits, and advanced surgical equipment.

Patients are provided with:

  • Single and multiple tooth replacement
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Sinus lift procedures & zygomatic implants

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides diagnosis, surgical treatment and management of surgical problems of face, jaws and mouth.

Treatments performed are:

  • Patients who face severe head and face injuries are corrected by this department and if any structure is lost and needs to be replaced is done by the Department of Prosthodontics.
  • any jaw deformity like ankylosis (absence of jaw movement),
  • any accidental case, or
  • extraction(removal) of the tooth for any treatment in other departments is done in this department.

Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic

The Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics deals with diagnosis, treatment planning and prognosis of defects of teeth that result in restoration of proper tooth form, function and esthetics. Endodontics is branch that focuses on morphology, physiology, and pathology of human dental pulp and periapical tissues.

Treatments performed in the department are:

  • Restoration (filling) with different materials. Like Amalgam restorations, Composite restorations, Gic restorations
  • Pulp capping procedures
  • Root canal treatment(RCT)

Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

It is a branch of dentistry, which is concerned with the treatment and correction of facial deformity. With dental & it’s supporting hard and soft tissues.

  • This is the only department that deals with the correction of patients’ appearance (esthetics).
  • Any malalignment of teeth is corrected by placing bands, braces, wires that are corrected after some appointments.
  • Appliances are used for the correction of some teeth and jaw anomalies. Which needs to be wear as per instruction by the dentist.
  • Like infants with mouth breathing habit, or tongue thrusting.
  • Adolescents with protruding lower or upper jaw.
  • Such appliances are given at a young age as the growth rate is maximum at this age.

Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology

The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology deals with Clinical examination, Diagnosis, and Medicinal Management of the patient coming to the institute & referral to the specific dental departments as per the dental treatment required.

Procedures done are:

  • examination of the full oral cavity
  • radiographs(X-ray) are taken
  • diagnosis is made
  • treatment is planned
  • The patient is referred to a specific department

Department of public health dentistry

This subject has paved its way for the fundamentals of research and its applications in dentistry. The emphasis on outreach programs to the unreachable population shows the concept of not only reducing oral disease but positive oral health among all.

This department stands on the mantra of “ORAL HEALTH FOR ALL”. The department is a wide array of subjects for oral health promotion, preventive and therapeutic treatment of oral diseases in clinics as well as in community settings for people in the rural areas through various satellite centers and schools.

Department of Periodontics

Periodontics is the study of periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease. It is studying the soft tissues and bone supporting the teeth. And researching new techniques for treating periodontal diseases, and replacing teeth lost to periodontal disease with dental implants.

In this department procedures like :

  • Scaling
  • Correction of gums
  • Halitosis(foul smell)

Department of Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is an age-specific specialty that provides oral health care for infants, children, and adolescents. A pediatric dentist knows how to deal with the behavioral aspects of children, how to make them comfortable, and to make the experience pleasant.

This department requires special attention to the handling of children. Pedodontist is not just a doctor but a friend of a patient. It is hard to perform any procedure in a stubborn or handicapped child. So, here a Pedodontist is the only one who knows how to manage such a child and perform the successful treatment.

So, a dentist is as much important as any other doctor. As teeth are of equal importance as any other organ of the body. Give respect to a dentist and value their work. This profession is as good as others. So, you can make your child pursue BDS as a degree.

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