A number of career choices are open for students after BDS. The most obvious choice would be to practice as a dentist or continue studying for post-graduation in MDS. But there are other options too.

An important point is that students must register with the Dental Council of India (DCI) to be able to practice as a dentist. Some of the options are you can pursue after BDS are

Set up private practice

A common option followed by many dentists who have passed and registered themselves with the Dental Council of India. This will require some amount of funds and a good location. It is the best option as there is no interference with anyone. You can practice totally on your own. Just need a dental chair set up and helper.

It will take sometime before the dentists can establish themselves. Initially, you may not find enough number of patients. But with time people will get to know about your clinic and your work.

As a Consultant

In case setting up one’s own practice is not appealing, working as a consultant with established hospitals is another option. Here, one would be like an employee who is required to take on the patients who visit the hospital for their dental problems.

As a Teacher

The job requires experienced doctors who can answer queries and teach well. However, teaching is an option for dentists who have an inclination for it albeit after gaining some experience working as a dentist. So, teaching is preferred after PG (MDS) usually. Generally, freshers are not taken in for teaching.

Government Job

Most Govt hospitals, organizations, require doctors including dentists. So students can go in for these jobs for job security. The exam is conducted for government jobs.

Options Abroad

To work abroad or practice as a dentist. one needs to clear the exams conducted to work in abroad. To Obtain a License to Practice Dentistry there are different procedures in different counties.

Post-graduation in MDS

Another option would be to go in for a Masters in Dental Surgery. The specializations available allow the dentist to choose the area in which they would like to mark their career. They have a choice of 8 specializations in any of the departments I have discussed in my previous blog.


MDS is not only a career option that is open for students. Dentists can also pursue a management course like MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration) or MPH (Masters in Public Health). This will allow them to step into the management side of health organizations or hospital chains.

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