Hey everyone.
I am so glad today, that I am writing about me and someone out there is reading about me.
Everyone has a story that made you a changed personality.
I was till 12 class a sincere, hardworking and only studying child of my parents and of course teachers favorite. I don’t have many memories of my childhood or I would say till I was 17. Maybe because I haven’t ever seen life in such a way now I see. I just remember I use to do the drawing for which I was praised by my teachers in school and at home for being a very good child in studies and like everything.

So the turning point of my life was at the age of 17 when I got the results out of the NEET entrance exam test. It is tested for medical science. So here the whole story changes. I had really worked hard for my exam for two years. Like only studying and no mobile, friends or parties or outing. But when the result was out I was disappointed. It just broke me. Because I didn’t score well. The only hope you and your parents look to you had just gone. I was a little depressed at that time. I think I was more hurt because every friend of mine who has studied as well as enjoyed those 2 years scored very good. They got admission in MBBS in good colleges. And I was only one who just got admission in BDS. MBBS student is a doctor but a BDS student is not a doctor. I have discussed this in one of my blogs.

But now, I am happy to be a budding dentist. Actually, I am proud to be a dentist. So the person who plays a major role in my life, who brought this change in me, who changed my view of acceptance and seeing the world in a different way is my brother.

Then I thought one exam cannot decide my future. I cannot just leave hope. I have to do something. Like I have accepted the life I got. And yes, college is an important part of everyone’s life .it is the only place where you learn, you grow, you meet different people, you make friends and enemies, you do daring things, there is an endless list of what we do in college. I always think I am not beautiful not good looking but now it hardly matters me. Actually, I do click my photos and I feel I look pretty good. I am satisfied with Myself. The truth is I have started loving myself.

My brother always encourages me to do something different. Never give up on your dreams. He only told me to start up with my website and to write otherwise, Blogging is something I have never thought of but learning daily about life and experiences from all around me, just made me come up with blogs and share with you all.

Now I am a person with a different personality, a more open-minded, more acceptance of everything, a more dream to explore, a more to learn every day. But you will know me more from my blogs. These blogs are just what I feel, what I learn, what I experience and what I want is that people should start loving themselves. If someone learns from my blogs and get a little motivation or a good change in their life, I will be happiest and I will literally feel I have achieved something in my life.

Now finally, if you know me a little I will give you a formal introduction of mine.
Hey guys, this is me, Khushi Garg. I am a budding dentist. A loyal friend of you. A more charming, cool, bold personality and a little of feminism in me. I love interacting with new people, making friends chilling with them and of course emotional at times. Aiming to achieve my dreams but happy with what I have got, what I am and making each day a lively happy day. I have a motto in my life ‘to go with the flow ‘. I am a person who wants to reach my destination but I want to enjoy my journey of life more.