Every girl and boy knows what periods are. At least after 9th class. Then why do we have shame to talk about it as a usual conversation.
I don’t ask my dad to bring sanitary pads for me.
I either go by myself to buy or my mother buys for me. Why do we buy pads in black polythene? Are we ashamed that we undergo periods? At times I have severe pain. And if I need a painkiller I have to tell my dad the reason for having pain and so it’s better  I should not take medicine.

Indian mentality needs to change. Before changing others first change yourself. Girls should be frank about periods. Even if their mother asks them to not openly talk about it. Tell her that it’s normal and everyone knows about it.
If someone says you that such things are not to openly speak about tell them it’s the normal monthly process every girl goes through. Every man knows that every girl bleeds for a few days every month.
Even in colleges, we murmur in each girl’s ear to ask for a pad so that boys couldn’t come to know about this. I cannot openly say that I have got periods, is anyone having a pad. Is this a bad thing?

The red spot

Why? I have to always check my jeans or my clothes if there is any spot or not. Why a red spot makes you feel embarrassed?
Not only boys, girls too make fun if you have a red spot. Instead of helping a girl, you are making her feel ashamed. Her confidence levels go down. She cannot walk properly and feel comfortable every time she is on periods in a fear that her jeans may not have a red spot. Many are there who even don’t talk to these girls on such days. I don’t understand why?

Another thing is when an advertisement for a sanitary pad comes on television, or of condom, my parents suddenly change the TV channel. As if it is something bad I should not see. Or its something of shame parents and children couldn’t see together. I don’t think pads are such a shame. In fact, we can normally talk about it.

Hindu culture

It is not allowed to go to the temple or enter the kitchen while a girl is on periods. Why? It is said that during periods girls are not pure so they should not go to the temple.
I ask would god will be angry with me? And then another moment I laugh at such superstitions. There is nothing called impure human.
I don’t know why we hide about periods. Are we doing something wrong that we need to hide about?

Even in the gym, when I take an off and trainer asks the reason for not coming. My reply is always I wasn’t feeling well indirectly that he himself get understood. Rather than saying this, I should have said I was on periods, and the pain was unbearable so I wasn’t able to make up. I don’t have to speak a lie. So easy of this. I know this happens with almost every girl. Saying not well is better understood by men that she is on periods. How annoying right? We might not be well for some other reason also.

It’s time for change

Now it’s time to change because of its modernization. Advertisements are out there in the world about the sanitation of girls. Movies are made to make everyone comfortable. To change our mentality. Both men and women together can bring change. Men should support girls and be normal with them. Before men, women need to understand that there is nothing wrong about periods. You are lucky you have periods. You are lucky to give birth. Be proud to be a woman. Be proud of the periods. Talk openly. Talk with confidence. There is no shame in talking about periods. We are a new generation. And we can bring change. First, bring change within yourself and the world.

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