Today, I have chosen this topic because every day I met people they are just blaming others. I don’t know why they have a reason to blame others for not achieving what actually they want. It’s not just that people blame only persons but sometimes when something goes wrong they blame on god or at times their destiny. You must understand that whatever the situation be only you are responsible.

Only you are responsible…

Accept this fact that no one can be the reason for the situation you are in, except you yourself. No one can destroy your world until you allow them to do so. We are the only ones who make others part of our life and let them control our lives. Don’t blame anyone for whatever is happening in your life.

I have read somewhere that ‘No one can destroy iron but it’s own rust can. Likewise, no one can destroy a person but his own mindset can.’

Be your own boss

Live life the way you want to. Take decisions by yourself. There are so many people who want to control other’s life. Don’t give them a chance to control your life. Be the boss of your own life otherwise, someone else will be.
When you say I have sacrificed for my parents or for anyone, you are wrong . You have not sacrificed, actually you don’t have the courage to fight for it. So face the reality and stop showing sympathy towards yourself. Afterall only your decision matters and only you are responsible.

Don’t stop and move on

If you are in some terrible situation or you are depressed or emotionally broken because of someone. Remember you gave that person those rights to make you affect so much. After all only you are responsible to be in any condition. But also, you are the only person to get out of these situations and move on. So stop being so innocent to this cruel world, stop being, again and again, being broken by someone. Learn from your mistakes.

Real example

  • One of my friends said to me that she loves singing but has never shown up and never tried to participate in some competition because her father doesn’t think it’s valuable to be in this field. I asked if she doesn’t go to parties at night without telling your parents. She said yes. Would your father allow this? She said no. Now what, I explained to her that, it’s your wish what you want to do you will do. In both situations, the father is saying no. But she is doing one thing and other she isn’t and blaming her father. Is she right? No, not at all. She actually doesn’t wanna fight for her passion. Instead, she says I sacrificed my dreams for my parents and whole life she will regret. If you can do parties without telling your parents you can also give auditions without telling them.
  • Everything you do is only in your hands. Only you are responsible.

Never regret whatever has happened. Bad time comes and goes. But you need not be at that same time. Move with time. New people, new friends and the new you. It’s never too late. Life is way larger than we think. Millions of ups and downs and still life goes on and so does we have to.

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