Don’t you think we live our lives more for others and not for ourselves? Every time we do anything we think of others and start living life for others.

How our brain works

We force our brains to think about what others are thinking. Our brain has to work more than its capacity. Because we made it work more and make it exhausted. We make our little brain gets stressed.

Stop worrying about what others think …

The thing is I feel we live our lives for others. What others will say? what they will think of me?
But you know it hardly matters what others will say and think. Everyone has the right to live their life and no one really has time to think about you. And yes, if they say you anything it’s just they want interference in your life and have some entertainment. Don’t allow them to.
Stop worrying about what others are thinking about you, they are living their life and you should live yours.

Young generation

But when I talk to many of my friends, 90%of them are doing their degrees just for their parents. I felt something is wrong here because I am one of that 90%. This made me think we all are emotionally bound to our parents lived. We want to make them happy but what about our own happiness. If I will be happy so my parents. But by the time I understand this thing, it’s too late.

My story

I want to do something else but where I am stuck is I feel like just getting it over and start my life again . will this really take to me at any end? I thought. No, not really, by that time I’ll be in a midway achieving nothing and just regretting. What is the use of spending five years of my degree not living the life I want? Maybe my parents are happy and satisfied but what about me? Yes, I am not satisfied. Should I change my dreams now? I guess I have already but now I have got to know what I want from my life and yes I think by continuing this I can get that.

Live life for yourself

The most important thing is, you must know what you want from your life and what makes you happy. Take a step towards it. It would be hard to go against parents but in the end, both of you and your parents will be happy. Now it’s the time to make decisions for yourself and everything is in your hands, you wanna live happily or not. Start living your own life not the life of/for others.

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