Success is something that is different for everyone. Like in my college a small survey occurred to know what is a success for them. One of my friends replied success is when I will have appointments of 50 patients in a day. Another one replied buying a big house and a big car. The other one replied I will be successful when I will have good amount in my account and I will be sitting free after 40.
Are these all materialistic things really gonna buy us success?

My success is…

I don’t know if this is true or not but for me success is my happiness. That happiness could be in small things, working towards my dreams and of course when achieving my dreams. I am not a person who wants that I will be happy only when after settling good at the profession. I want my journey to be more interesting. To let me explore and experience new things. Good or bad but I always want my life to keep moving on always. I don’t want to stop anywhere. I don’t want limitations. Just moving forward with new experiences and life always giving surprises to me. I want every day to be a good, challenging, happening day.

Your Thinking matters after all

Yes, everyone has their different definition of success. But have you ever thought thinking of the future and not living in the present will be more dangerous than living today for yourself? You can work for your dreams which you might achieve in the future while living today also.

Think differently

You all might have heard that if you will achieve everything what will you live for. There must be something always left out for which you can live and you will fight to achieve. You will feel useless if you just gonna make everything out today.
At times, it happens that presently we miss the little happiness to achieve something big later. So, it’s better to work living happily and enjoying little moments in your life.

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