Everyone of you might have heard of the famous gurudwara , The golden temple , also known as Harmandir Sahib , it is situated in Amritsar (Punjab). So many people visit everyday here wishing so many of their prays . Not only sikhs but people of all religion do visit . It is so well maintained by all the shridhalus. It is sikh religion to cover their head before entering the gurudwara and wash their face or either bath in Amrit sarovar lake surrounding the gurudwara. The view of gurudwara in early morning , around 2-4 a.m. , is so great . Gurudwara sewak prepare langar for thousands of people visiting there . 

Other than Golden temple , you must visit SADA PIND _ the portrait of punjab . You will find the pure old punjabi culture over here . Folk dance like bhangra , gidda , small shops selling phulkari, Kurtis, juttis and some of the antique objects and toys . 
Also the Sada Pind offers Punjabi food at its beautifully designed restaurant to every guest . The food has totally Punjabi spices and flavour . You would love it , the waiters will serve you at their best . One can enjoy camel rides, horse ride , games like archery , bowling and yeah mela swings . 
The Sada Pind will cost you a ticket of around ₹600 per person but it is worth it . Try visiting in evening time because you will be able to see some Punjabi rituals like jaggo and performances like bhangra and gidda. If you are visiting  Punjab for first time , especially Amritsar , do visit these two places . 

You can also visit Jalianwala bagh , it has a history famous as Jalianwala bagh massacre happened on 13 April . 
I went with my friends just for one day trip. It was so good, but best I found was Sada Pind. You can see my photos too.

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