It is not necessary that only gyms help you lose weight. Yes, you can lose weight at home too. But before that, you should know do u really wanna lose weight? What’s your goal? Is it to just look beautiful, or look fit, or you really wanna be healthy or you want muscles or you just want fat loss?

What are the points you should remember ???

All you need is determination towards your target. Set your goal for example, I want to lose 10 kg weight in 3 months. For those 3 months, you need is the focus on your target. Nothing else can be part of that target. You just know that within 3 months however you have to lose weight. And let me tell you when you promise yourself it isn’t hard also.

Other than focus you need is consistency. Which we almost every one of us lacks while working in any field. Because we want results within one month. Why? Think how many years it has taken to put on so much weight which you just wanna lose in months. Not possible right. So, for that 3 months you have to be consistent. Not even a day, lose your hope.
The only thing which gives you a result is that you believe in yourself that you can do it. You have the hope to achieve your target . Do not ever analyze your hard work. Nothing is called hard work until and unless you achieve it. If you gonna see others that how fastly they are losing weight and you aren’t, this the major wrong step you have done. Because looking others demotivate and you are discouraged on your own hope. But remember everyone has a different body form. Some persons have a fast metabolic rate while some have slow. You have to just focus on yourself, not others.

Things which almost everyone faces…

In fact, at times I also lose hope of losing weight. My usual complaints are, I am working so hard and even dieting still not able to lose weight. I have been doing body workout twice a day and it’s been almost month. And even not a 1 kg loss. At this moment I am shattered and because of frustration, I gulp a lot of food and sweets on that day. Then to just console myself after being normal, I say we must have once a cheat day. There is nothing called cheat day. What do u mean by a cheat day? You are cheating with yourself. Stop giving excuses to yourself. This is where I go wrong. That day I have diverted from my target, I broke my consistency, I forgot my focus. This is where you have to control yourself and patiently keep on working.

See at the end of 3 months, you gonna achieve results. And yes, it may happen that at the end of three months we are able to just lose 5 kgs. That means your body is demanding a harsh workout and a change in diet. Then focus on that thing. Even losing 5 kgs gonna build confidence and more determination and you will further set your goals. After the result, you will not even remember that it’s been 3 months you have made your body struggle. Remember it’s never too late. You can start today. Set a goal and prepare a schedule. But you can only do it if you are giving your 100 percent to achieve your goal. I would like to hear from you what problems you face ? Waiting for your replies …

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