When I joined the gym, my parents in fact every member of my family has the same saying don’t use weights just do cardio. Girls are weak, you should not pick those heavyweights that will make you have ripped muscles like boys. You will not look good. My mother always says, girls, have so much more to do ahead in life so do not use weights that make you in trouble. But I never listen to them and never explain to them about weight training. Because I know they will never understand, it’s a myth that has been continued over the years and difficult to abolish at least in my family.

Weight training facts

  • Muscles burn fats faster. You can lose fats faster when you have more muscles.
  • Do a combination of weight and cardiovascular training. Strength training increases muscle mass, which sets our body up to burn more fats.
  • Muscle burns more calories than fats thus our body naturally burns more calories throughout the day by having more muscles.
  • The only cardiovascular workout won’t give you good results. This would result in your immediate decrease in weight but after some time your body will become stable. And if you stop working out you will again gain immediately.
  • If you do the cardio workout with weight training you might not lose weight but overall if you go and check your BMI it will show you a decrease in fat and increase in muscle mass. Thus overall you have good results in your body. And this is a great achievement.
  • It’s more efficient to work in the form. If you do it wrong, you are more prone to injury and workout would be inefficient anyway.
  • Do weight training under the guidance of trainers as they will guide you the exact weight and the exercise according to your body shape.

Girls with muscles…

I don’t feel girls look odd in muscles. It should be her personal choice about what kind of body she wants. I personally love the muscular body. For me, I think girls should not be less than boys in any field. The weight boys can lift the same girls can too. And let me tell you girls, you will never have that ripped muscles like boys because we don’t have enough testosterone to develop overly bulging muscles. So don’t worry about looking bulky. Do whatever you like and don’t listen to anyone.
Yes, I too had this thought earlier that boys won’t like muscular girls but now I feel this all doesn’t matter. Who wants to like you will like the way you are.
Girls you need to be strong and when your mom says it’s your mensuration days don’t go for the gym, then raise your voice and reply to her that I will go. So what, if I am on my periods, it’s a monthly procedure. It happens to every girl. I am strong enough to handle all the things together.

You need to focus on what kind of fitness you want that makes you happy. Be confident and be proud of who you are and what you look like .

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