What actually does a healthy relationship means? The young generation today, is involved in a few days of relationships. The first two days you get involved in talks. Then meeting and finally love forever kinda thing. Do you think this is a healthy relationship you are in?
Have you ever thought to make a bond with someone so soon whom you have never known?
Is this how people get into a relationship? I am just talking about the relation of two opposite sex getting indulge in a love relationship.

Love relationship

It is said, sometimes we make a stronger bond with the person than those with blood bond people in our lives. Do you really think, love is enough to make this relation a successful?
Love is just gonna involve you both together but making this love relation a great success takes a lot more.

How can you be a good partner?

Know tips for a healthy relationship?
This drawing is made by me.
  • Respect your partner in every sense, their decision, their words, and their actions. In every relation respect is a must. Because if you respect you will never hurt the other person’s sentiments. Respect is not only for the person, but it is also the respect of your relation. Never insult your partner in front of your friend or anybody when you have a fight or you are angry for some reason. That doesn’t prove your love towards your partner.
  • Understand each other in every condition. Never doubt their actions. The situation can be wrong not the person. It may happen sometimes we misunderstood the things. The way we are thinking may not be the way your partner thinks. Here is the first maturity step you have to take to go and clear the things between you. It is an initiative towards making your bond stronger.
  • Have a good conversation rather than blocking or not talking to the person.
  • And of course love. Now, what love is? Having feelings for someone, caring about them and being possessive. But when this possessiveness changes into over possessiveness it creates an imbalance in your relationship.
  • Trusting each other is the foremost step because it’s the only trust which leads you to this pathway with some other person. Having trust in each other will lead you into a smooth relationship.

Making your relationship a success.

The time comes when you are ready to do anything for your partner. You are ready to fight for them, sacrifice your own dreams and just being with them in every situation. In fact, when the other person is wrong or abuses you, you are able to forgive so easily.

But this zero ego-personality exists only in this love relation, not other relations like with friends and family. I am not saying you to have an ego but do maintain your self-respect. Never let someone hurt your self-respect.
Being in a healthy relationship is a beautiful part of life but maintaining it and experiencing a lot makes it more beautiful.

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