The society in which I live having hair color is a big thing. But I always wanna have a hair color and that too different. Like other girls have brown or golden streaks which people feel is ok. And not so showable. That’s why to change the thought of people I had red hair. Literally full-length red hair color. My parents were like we will not talk to you, get out, every day I have to listen to them at least for a month. I know they were reacting because of society. I am not a changed person my hair color has changed. My friends in college taunting me. My seniors, teachers all were reacting as if I have done a very big mistake. But deep inside I was happy. And I have ignored everyone. In fact, when people taunt me, I take it and smile. Because it’s their mentality what they think. How can I change?

But let me tell you this was the biggest dare I have done in my life. This might not be big for you. But the society I live in and the family I belong to. For them, it is the worst step I have taken. But with the headmaster’s hair saloon staff encouragement and good service, I was very happy. Since, this was a daring step for me, living and facing everyone’s reaction, I was happy to prove that hair color cannot decide my character. And I will keep on doing things that would change the thought of society.

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