Impact of social media on our life.

This era is so much involved in social media that people have forgotten to live their real life. Sitting together but busy on their own mobiles. Hardly speaking to each other. How have this social media impacted so much that we have forgotten our real and close ones?
Sitting in a lobby but brother and sister chatting with their friends, parents busy with some other task on their mobiles. Posting a happy family photo but in reality not even talking to them.
Why nowadays people find others on social media to talk? Because we all have been so much busy in our lives that we don’t give time to each other and find people outside.

Every smiling face in the post doesn’t reveal happiness. It is just faking yourself to show others how happy our life is. But this is not so true.
You actually don’t know someone’s reality. But we only trust what is shown to us. So never judge someone. You cannot even imagine through what the person must be going but because of social media, you are judging.
You might be thinking she has a very beautiful life, I wish I would have too. No, you actually don’t know what she might be facing. You are able to see what she wants to show. She might have done a lot of hard work to reach there or she might be in some other situation which you cannot even imagine. These superstars which we think have a good life, many of them have gone through depression at one point in their life.

Nowadays stars have been live on Snapchat. They are posting stories of their whole life. As if people are interested. Have you ever thought about whether they are always happy? Aren’t they having any bad moments in their life? This is not so .they are also faking at times. They also need people to give them attention. But why? Maybe they don’t have real friends. They have started loving this life of social media. We are literally so free that we love watching their lifestyle and we get involved with them.
If you are having 1k followers it doesn’t make you popular. Do you really think that 1000 people are the real ones? I guess only 10% may be the ones who would hardly care about you. The real ones are your family and your colleagues. Do spend time with them. Having hundreds of friends but not even one real friend. What is the use then?

I am not saying do not use social media sites. It is good to have contact in the outer world. But don’t get addicted to it. Surfing for hours and hours is a wastage of your time. To interact with people in a good way. Get inspired by them. There have been so many motivational videos. When you are tired watch stand up comedy. If Bored watch some good videos of your interest. Give people some positivity, some motivation and distribute the knowledge you gain. Make use of social media. But don’t fake it. Make the best use of social media sites. Try to be real and need not express others about ups and downs in your life.

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