Do you feel ALONE at times?Are you stressed?Don’t be, just try sharing with others, its best solution to many of your problems.

Share _ share more , talk more about yourself, your feelings ,your emotions, your anger and make the hell out of your everything you have .

Don’t be shy to share about anything good or bad to anyone about yourself . Just find one person with whom you can talk about everything you have inside you ,which disturbs you ,makes you feel suffocated or it could be sometimes excitement and you are feeling happy , which you want to share but haven’t . Don’t keep anything inside you . Not sharing with anyone is not good for your mental health. 

Infact you can help others whom you feel they have alot inside them, start talking to them become friendly , listen them , and win their trust .This way one day they will burst out their all hard feelings and feel relaxed . Give them shoulder to cry if they want . Party with them in their happiness . One day they will be thankful to you and you yourself will feel very happy. I know this feeling because I have helped two of my friends , really it makes you more happier to see others happy because of you . And I haven’t done anything for them just patiently listen to them .

Everyone in this world have secrets inside them. 
I don’t understand why we really need to keep secrets .I would say , “Be an open book to this world , someone might love reading you one day we will die and the secrets too.” Untill and unless you won’t tell your feelings how would someone know what you are thinking or how you are feeling.

Conversation is the best medicine to many of your problems because if you keep it inside you , it’s just only yours but if you share with someone it becomes divided between two and more so on the more you share . After sharing , you will feel light and also, if something happens again you can go to same person and tell them .

I have seen many of my friends who do not talk much , don’t share their problems, their feelings , and they are kinda in depression . Really, this is true if you keep on handling all things by yourself , and thinking whole day they makes you mentally weak. See , it’s not difficult , start sitting  between your family , your friends , in groups and infact you can talk to unknowns too who don’t know you.  

You know what I love talking to strangers , I feel so relaxed talking to them , knowing different persons from different areas ,and everyone has different life story . Wherever I go I use to initiate the conversation whether it’s my gym place or my college infact on social media also. 
Everyone has different way of interacting . 

So, I would suggest please try indulging with more people , try sharing your things with others . I have seen some person writing diary also, that’s also good option , it’s just again a way of bursting your whole day schedule but I personally feel it’s better to share with some person . 

You can approach me also if you wanna share anything and never think that someone will judge you . No, you should not care what others think , you have to help yourself first . 
Last I would just say , only YOU  should be the most important person in your life . Keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally .

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