I don’t know why are we reserving seats. India is a democratic country that means we have the right to equality. Then why there is a need for reserving seats for minorities?
Reservation of seats for minority groups like scheduled caste, other backward classes, Muslims, and schedule tribals. Reserving seats for competitive exams after class 12 or for government jobs. These people always get the advantage of their caste. I am not saying this is wrong but is this right for those who work so hard to get the seat and are not able to because those seats are already reserved. People who come under the majority group have to work hard more double than those who are under a minority group.

Never created any difference with them ever

I have faced this reservation situation when I have to get admission in medical college after NEET entrance exams. My friends who have scored marks below than me got admission easily in good colleges. I was not knowing why. But later I got to know that they belong to minority groups. So, they have reserved seats already. It broke me because we have never created any difference with them ever. In fact, I never know they belong to the minority group. We all were treated equally in schools. Then why there is a difference at this point in our education system. They do not work as hard as other people because internally they know they have reserved seats. It’s not fair for me.

People changed their caste

I got astonished to know that even some people changed their caste to get easily available seats in that reserved category. Yes, this is true parents are changing their caste to get their children an easy way to be in this competitive world.

I think it’s not fair equality for all. When there is competition then it should be equal. Or there should be no such competitive exams. For competitive exams, there should be no caste system, no category. Everyone must be equally given a chance to perform and show.

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