Everyone is fighting hard with their body to look good. And that’s important too. Because our world sees only the external beauty. But what if after so much of hard work you are not able to get results. Have you ever questioned yourself about what is lacking in your hard work? This era is not only for hard workers but for smart workers.
Talking particularly of physical fitness, there are some mistakes which we do and not able to get results.
What mistakes we usually do because of which we are not able to lose weight?

Carbs or Calories

It is the most basic mistake we do while dieting. Because of we shutdown the carbohydrates to a minimum. And then we say, I have skipped my meals and merely on salad and still not able to get reduce my weight. Of course, because every component of food is essential whether it’s carbohydrates or fats. But what we need to focus on is CALORIES. the consumption of calories per day is an essential step while dieting. We need to reduce the calorie content. There are so many apps that you can use to calculate your calorie intake every time. Thus, by focusing on calories you will be able to reduce weight. Neither you need to shut down any food item.

Perfection or Progress

It’s human nature, we all want to be perfect. We want to achieve everything. Seeing others our desires enhance. But rather we should keep in mind the achievements we have achieved. See the progress you made.

Restriction or Restraint

You need not restrict yourself from not having oily food, chocolates, sweets, junky food but just restrain yourself to have only in a small quantity. You can eat junk food once a week. Take a one piece of chocolate. By this, you will have all the tasty food and will not affect your body in a bad way. Daily intake of fast food in the evening is wrong but having once or twice a week in a limited way is not bad.

Cardio or Weight Lifting

I have seen that people mostly focus on cardio in gyms. But not able to get a good change in their body. But when a person balances cardio with weight lifting, the results are superb and lasts for a longer time. Only cardio may make you lean but along with lifting weights you are able to develop strength and proper shape and physique.
In the gym, it is necessary to maintain momentum. Working out just 3 days a week is enough, your consistency and motivation matters.

End goals or Small goals

Like I talked earlier, we do not see the progress rather focus on the end goal we have not achieved and demotivate ourselves. You need to focus on small wins, the very small progress we made, the small achievements we made this will motivate you and help you to work harder and achieve the end goal that is losing weight.

Find out your mistakes and work on that. Rather than working like a fool be a smart worker and not only a hard worker.

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