Because daily following the same schedule had made me frustrated. So, for a change, I just need a break. Since I cannot take a holiday from my busy schedule, the best option was to make Sunday a refreshing day. For some people, good sleep for hours make them fresh, but for me, its always either traveling to some new place or at least have a change of place for some time.

I went to Ludhiana just for a day with my friend. And it was for the first time I felt so good going to the same city again. because this time I realize food can also be explored. maybe earlier I have tried same food items of course at different places but trying something new is always what I want.

Nik Bakers

It was early morning so, I cannot have much of anything. But I would suggest whosoever be at this place must try the pancakes.

Pancakes with Nutella and whipped cream


Pirates of grill

It is a barbique where you are served in three shifts . Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian as per your choice of buffet is served The first is starter which includes all kind of tandoori food items . Second is main course and last is dessert. Since it is buffet system you can order anything and repeat your order too.

If you are FOODIE than go and explore food rather than eating that same burger, pizzas, and pastries. Food is fun, food is love, food is living. Enjoy your food and enjoy your living.

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