This just gonna break your heart but it is true that your partner may be cheating on you.the man who loves you won’t make you feel like shit. He would never disrespect you in front of others. He would save you from things that gonna hurt you. He would motivate you to move ahead in life. He will be your support when no one else will be. Who will fight for you in all terms and conditions? Who would never leave you when you are alone. The person who will love you will all your flaws. Who will not use you physically but make you emotionally strong?

If he ignores you and doesn’t talk to you much nowadays. Then something is wrong. You need to be careful. he is not picking up your calls and not replying to your messages. He is behaving differently. He is making excuses for one or the other thing. He is lying you. Then might be he is cheating on you. Checking someone’s mobile isn’t correct but if you ask him to show his mobile and he is reluctant to show you than he is hiding something. If things aren’t the same as before like talking for hours and having casual regular meets, you need to look after him. Do not let yourself in breakup situation at first but ask him if there is any problem. Try to understand. If still, he is lying to you, again and again, you need to get out of this relationship.

If your relationship is facing some problems. You need to look out some things. If your partner is really sorry than he will try to change himself. If he misses you he will make an effort and show up on you .the man who truly loves you will make you feel special. The man who cares for you will keep his ego aside and try to contact you. The person for whom you are something in his life will try to clear all misunderstandings.

In the next blog, I will discuss how you can move on from a relationship? How to get rid of breakup stress?

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