Why take life so seriously? Say to yourself it’s ok. Start using this word in your daily life. There are many situations that happen with everyone in day to day life where you find no answer or you are confused than use these precious words ‘it’s ok’ to make your heart and brain relax.

I believe

It’s ok to be wrong at times.
It’s ok to have all the dirty things.
It’s ok to be selfish
It’s ok to be not nice for others
It’s ok to be not available for everyone
It’s ok to choose yourself first
It’s ok to love only yourself

Change is good

It took a lot of time for me to become this version of me. But I am happy to be what I am now. Yes, I have changed a lot. Sometimes when I sit and think about what I have become and what I was, it sometimes leaves me in shock and at times I laugh.
Change is necessary for everyone’s life. For me change is good. It’s the situations or circumstances which lead you to have changed in your life. These situations bring drastic change, sometimes it changes may be good and sometimes it may be bad. But this change can just change your life either way.

I am me

Yes, I am not sexy
Yes, I am not hot
But it’s ok because I am me.
There’s a lot of things which I am not but I know what I am and I am happy to be me.

Have you ever tried to know what you are? Are you able to describe yourself in words? I am not asking about your degree or any other achievement. I am asking what as a person you are.
I guess this is a difficult task.
When someone asks me this question I have my own description that is…
I am ‘An unlimited version of me’ and the other one is ‘Just being me, mine and myself.’
Can you now answer the same question? Leave your answers in comments.

Life is ok

Life is simple, don’t make it complicated. Don’t think too much. Do whatever you want to. It’s just ok for everything. Life is ok. See the good in your life. The bad time comes and goes. Enjoy every part of life, happiness, fight, sorrows, joy, hard work. But start loving yourself. You are the best.
If you think you are not the best then bring the change. When someone makes you tensed or if someone is tensed say him it’s ok. You don’t know how these words are helpful. It will give you confidence. You will be able to fight more. You will be able to accept the thing. Isn’t these words are magical?
Try out and let me know do these words bring some change in your life too.

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