Do you agree with this small punishment? Where is the justice? I am not seeing it as justice. What female has gone through, the rapist has not. He is getting an easy death. It’s not fair justice for me. What do you say?

What is rape?

Rape is a non-consensual sexual forceful attempt on the person against her wish. The rape cases have reached their heights in India especially. What would be the reason? Are the girls responsible?
Wearing short dresses, being modern and stylish, is this the reason. Even small little girls who have not yet undergone full sexual organ growth, why are they being sexually harassed?
Or there is something wrong with boys’ mentality.
How can I just discuss only teenage groups, recent cases have shown that girls are molested in their own homes by their uncles, father, brothers, and any other relative? So, there is something wrong with male society. No, not only male society. Actually the whole society because there are mothers who shut their own daughter’s mouth and tell her to keep all things with her. Why? Just not to expose the cruelty the males are doing. To not get insulted in front of society. I don’t know what’s going on. What is happening to our Indian society.

Rape victims

The rapists are free after raping a girl. They are free and roaming in this world. No one is even taking charge to look at them. First of all, most rape victims are not reporting while those who report are again molested by police, by asking them such questions which for them are hard to reply. While there are some girls who suicide. There is a long list of cases that are still pending till date. What is then the use of reporting and approaching to the police? I don’t feel it as helpful. After 4-5 years of struggling court sessions, the rapist will get the death penalty. Wow, what a justice, the rapist enjoys his life after a crime and then an easy death.

Is ending someone’s life without realizing him the same pain is enough?

Death is not a fair justice to this crime. It should be more torture to them. They should feel the four times more pain what a rape victim has gone through. Torturing them with bad things. They should be put into prison and torture every day. So, they demand their death. But don’t give them an easy death. Give them pain. Make them feel and put videos out into the world. I don’t know is this gonna help. Maybe this can scare those who are out and raping one or the other women now and in the future. Every guy must have fear of this punishment. Before doing such a crime, they must know what they are gonna phase next. I think this would definitely bring change because what now is happening is cases are not considered seriously and people are involved in this crime without any fear. There should be strict rules to consider all the rape victims first and arrest the criminals. After all the diagnosis, judgment should be made. There should be a platform that every girl, every woman, in fact, anyone who is being molested can easily approach and complain without any fear. Full protection should be given to the victim.

Rape is a crime.

In fact, when husbands try to physically sex with their wife without her consent, I think that too is rape. Not only girls but even boys are being raped. Why? Why? Why? Why no one is taking charge to stop this crime?
Aren’t we strong enough to speak about this brutality? Why are girls suffering? Where is the problem? There are so many questions. Should we make girls strong or should we change man’s mentality?

I don’t know how can I help. Our country is running under some rules and laws. I really don’t know how can I step and fight against this. So, I thought I can write up and encourage girls to speak about, to stand strong, to mothers to support her rather shutting her mouth, to mothers to teach good values to their boys, to everyone out there to change their mentality and to change the death punishment to the rapist. I think, there should be a separate branch dealing with such crimes. It would be rather easy to approach and handle things in the victim’s favor. This would help to pass quick judgment and punishment to the criminals.
If you think I am right about this punishment to a rapist, please mention yourself in comments.

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