This is a very common thought everyone has that just they do not have a good life like others. This is because we are seeing only one part of the world that enjoys their life. But actually sometimes you don’t even know the reality behind it. Are they actually happy? Are they enjoying their life the way we see? It’s not always true.
While we do not see the other part of the world where people even struggle to get three-time of meals. Won’t they have dreams? Won’t they want a life like us?
It is human behavior that they are never satisfied with what they have and always want more and more. 

A very good example…

I have seen a video by JAY SHETTY, the person who motivates me and inspires me in every sense.
In that video, a man has Rolls Royce car but wasn’t happy because he saws another person having a much bigger car. Another person who was just having Swift car dreams of Rolls Royce car and thinks that the man in Rolls Royce is so lucky. then another woman who has a cycle wishes to have a car , similarly, man who travels by bus wishes to have a cycle, and the person walking on foot wishes to have a cycle. And last a man without legs wishes to just have legs.
The moral is we must be happy with what we have. Our demands are endless. And we must thank God for giving a good life.

It’s not only about things and money. Some people are not happy with their parents, their husbands or wives, or their families. It is obvious to have ups and downs but they can be sought out. Misunderstandings can be cleared out. But think of those who don’t have families, parents to share anything, to take care of them, to make them feel special. You are lucky to have people who love you, take care of you. So, do respect every relation and every person who comes in your life.

It’s just your mindset that makes you think you are not having a perfect life. Change your mindset. See positivity all around yourself and you will feel lucky to have beautiful life. Be kind to those who do not have as much you have. And never jealous from those who have more than you. Satisfy yourself with what you got and enjoy your life. Because you only live once.

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