My personal experience

I didn’t really enjoy this place. Maybe I was expecting more similar to Goa. But let me tell you, it’s very different. Like goa, you cannot drink openly on the beach. Ferry’s are available which are very particular to their time. There is no proper wifi network. And if you gonna buy your own vehicle to travel there is no GPS system that gonna help you. The rules are strict. No music after 10 p.m., no clubs are available. No nightlife. After all, it is not a developed tourist place.

Best place to stay

So,  If you plan for Andaman island choose the best area to stay. And it is Havelock Island. Yes, the beaches and places are good with small cafes. Radhanagar beach is a real beach you would found with white sand and water with different colors black, green and blue.

While I don’t think Corbyn’s is a beach because you will find only a little sand, water is not clear and just palm trees. So, for me, it was just a waste of time. Another thing is the cellular Jail. I would say who are interested in history must-visit, but those who are not historically interested people won’t like it. All the jails are similar and out of 6, only 2 are left while others are transformed into a hospital.
There are so many small islands over there, which are far apart and you need a ferry to travel from one to another. I would say, my whole trip was like always traveling from one place to another either by bus or ferry.

The best part …

I really didn’t feel peace in my mind even for a day. Because I wanna place where I can go and relax. And traveling sucks me.
The best part for me in Andaman is Scuba diving. It is available at many beaches. I have adventured at North bay island. I have written about my beautiful experience of scuba earlier in my blog. One must experience this adventure.

O yeah, my hotel Comfort inn blue waves where I spent 3 nights and 4 days was literally worth it. The rooms were too comfortable, the service and the buffet were at the best. I only felt that since its location is near the airport and the beaches are far away. So, it becomes difficult to travel.

I think I would never visit this island again. My experience was not good at this place maybe because I have only 3 days over there. It wasn’t bad but I didn’t feel the peace I want. But never miss Scuba diving because you gonna find the best corals only at this place. So if you are planning than I would say, stay at Havelock Island and enjoy beaches over there and scuba diving.

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