‘I don’t care’
It doesn’t matter to me
I don’t give a damn fuck
Aren’t these words so simple to say? But really do we mean it?
Everyone gets hurt. Each one of us feels pain. Each one of us had breakup stress. Every one of us had undergone some kind of depression once a lifetime. Since, we all are emotionally attached to each other whether friends, parents, siblings, your partner or any other person who comes and become part of your life. So it is obvious that we get hurt even on small things. Its human nature.

Yes, many of us act like we don’t care but deep down the heart we are hurt. We are broken. We wanna cry. But to show others that we are strong enough we make ourselves hard inner and outer. But crying doesn’t prove you are weak.

“I don’t give a damn fuck “

I am one of those who say ‘it hardly matters to me.’ But in reality, I know I am very emotionally weak. But maybe because of fear of being broken down, I don’t express my feelings. I fear that person in front may shatter me into pieces and I would not be able to handle and go through the stress. That’s why I don’t trust anyone because I am afraid my trust will be broken again. I am scared to let somebody part of my life. I am scared to love someone, to share my life, to give my soul and heart. Maybe this happens with everyone who is in love. I don’t know. But I got to know I am wrong here.

Because this is life. Every person who comes into our life has a purpose . We fall in love, we get emotionally attached, create memories good or bad. But every person who has been part of your life is for giving you a lesson. We learn we grow, we move on. This is life. Keep going on. Let your past go off. Welcome new people. Give them a chance to love. Remember not every person is the same. Not everyone is there to hurt you. Be kind to others and allow people to love you.

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