It’s better for me.

I haven’t lost him, neither my love for him was ever reduced. I just know, now it’s time to walk away. It wasn’t so that I have no interest in him nor that I was bored. But I know I had to cut him off.

I never want things to end up like this, but I know it was better for me. Today even I am not able to forget the memories spent with him, but I realize the moments I had were good enough to make me smile every time I think of him. I know we were good together but maybe not best. I was lost in him. My world became so small that I had forgotten every other thing in this world. At that moment, I realized I need time for myself.

I know things weren’t going the same anymore. Still, I tried to keep calm and waited for things to become right. I tried hard enough to create a balance and back to be as we like to be. But it wasn’t happening.

I was happy with him. But my inner peace was lost. I know I was destroying myself each day.
We together tried it to work. But no it wasn’t. I realise it’s time to move on. Somehow I want peace of my mind. I want to be myself more.

Now, I am free.

I am my own. I think it was the best decision. Sometimes being together doesn’t make you feel happy. Then you have to get away. It’s the best time to let go off your past. Sometimes it’s better to let go off the person you have loved the most. And start loving yourself again.

Today I thought to write on this topic because I have seen people destroying themselves in relationships. I have seen them drowning their future. And when someone says to me that I will not realize this feeling of love until I experience that pain. So, I want to tell you I have been in love and yes I have moved on. So you can.

It’s not that difficult. You just need to get away from things that disturb your inner peace. The choice always lies in your hands. You have to choose yourself above others. Your mental peace above the broken heart. And yes, you will get someone else some other day.

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