My clothes, my opened hair, my lifestyle are not enough to decide my character.
If I am on a dating app, I am not characterless. I may not be there for hookups. I may be finding some friends or I might need someone to share my emotion. If I am talking to 10 boys at a time, I am not characterless. My red color hair doesn’t say I am bad, I am not a good girl, I am  ‘that type’ of girl.

“That type of Girl “

My Question to all those who are reading this can you please tell me what does this “that type of girl” meant to ???
If I am having a boyfriend, I am not that type of girl. If I am clubbing, going to late-night parties, drinking, dancing, I am not ‘that type of girl.’ Stop giving this tag to every other girl. What we do, we do with our choices. It’s my choice to talk to 10 boys, party with them drink with them dance with them. It’s my choice to wear short dresses. I wanna look good that’s why I wear it and not for you. Understand this what I do I do it for my self, my happiness. I wear what makes me look good what makes me comfortable. The size of the heel or length of a dress cannot give me a character certificate.

I am not ‘Characterless’

Spending a night with a guy. Intimating with a boy doesn’t show my character. I am in love. I have feelings for him. That’s my choice to sleep with him. There was my consent too.  Stop showing your low-level mentality. Stop pretending you haven’t done anything. Stop acting we are equal. Because if we are equal than girls should be allowed to do all things and openly speak about it.
Stop judging me. I am living my life for me and not you. I am not your entertainer. I will live the life of my choices and my conditions.

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