This era particularly youth is involved in the day to day relationships. And more than any professional or family stress they are dealing with such big stress from this temporary relationship. So, I decided to write something that people of my age who are suffering from relationship disease can find some cure.

Why deal with problems related to a relationship?

Every relationship comes with ups and downs.
Both the person in the relationship is affected if there is an issue with anyone. Don’t disturb yourself with your overthinking. Either clear the things or just have a personal space. If you think things aren’t going right, then don’t force yourself or your partner to be in the relationship. When things aren’t well, or you are mentally disturbed than why not just move on. Why be in such a relationship, which creates a burden to your mind.
I feel a relationship continues only when both the partners put equal efforts to make it successful. One person alone in a relationship cannot just make it run for a long time.

What is necessary for a relationship to be continued?

If both the partners have the fear of losing each other person, then the relationship becomes stronger. Every person in a relationship, it doesn’t have the feel to lose their partner, then it will hardly matter the person when you will leave them. So, you need not stay in their life. It becomes easier to leave when you get to know that it won’t matter to the person if you will leave them.
Yes, memories with the person disturbed you. But think that it was good and you had a great time. But when things get hot up between both, it’s time to move on. Make yourself understand living in such a relationship will just make things worse and affect your mental health. I am not saying to just break up every time, give a chance but don’t make it a habit to break-up and patch-up again and again.

In my next post on the relationship, I will discuss that’s it’s not that difficult to let go of the person you are in love with.

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