It’s always easy to say but difficult to follow. If you have a busy schedule or are not financially able to join the gym or your parents are not allowing you to join the gym. It’s ok, need not to worry. You have many other options to lose weight. Just being at your home with simple methods you can lose weight.

Lose weight at home

  • The initial step is when you wake up in the morning- drink warm water with 1tbsp honey and one lemon juice. This enhances your BMR. To burn up calories it’s important to increase your metabolic rate. Lemon juice and honey have such properties that enhance body activity. This way whole day from the morning you are body metabolism becomes fast.
  • Another is if you have time to do yoga at home or exercise for at least 20 min. This will make your body active throughout the day.
  • Have normal breakfast whatever you eat . Breakfast should be heavy enough to provide you energy the whole day.
  • Around 11 a.m. grab one cup of green tea, again it helps to increase your BMR.
  • Remember to eat at intervals. Eat less but eat frequently.
  • Around 12 have any one fruit.
  • Around 3 p.m. have lunch including curd to provide you good nutrients. One plate salad and chapati as you wish.
  • Chapati made from multi-grain flour is more beneficial than wheat flour only. Try making this change in your diet.
  • Everyone likes to have snacks in the evening , I too love. Don’t avoid at all. If its pizza or burger try to eat that is homemade. Because home preparation will include everything fresh.
  • Another option is instead of junk food try eating egg white or sprouts or light food preparation like bread or upma made of Rava (sooji), poha, peanut masala. I mean there are so many options. You can surf google also for snack recipes at home.
  • At night try avoiding heavy dinner. It should be very little. Again have a plate full of salad or dal or vegetables avoiding chapati.
  • Salad is important to every meal because it makes your food bulky and helps as roughage. This makes you full early and you eat less.
  • Remember to drink 7 – 8 liter of water. Water plays essential role in burning your fat.

Must include …

Now after you are free from your work. In the evening , just 25 – 30 min try doing some activity like dancing, exercise, Zumba, stretching or cycling or any outdoor game like badminton, football Etc. This makes your body active for another 3-4 hours to work more. Not only this you will be fit enough to take out all your body stress out. Not only physically but mentally also you will feel good, active and happy.

A healthy life is a happy life.

It’s not always the same for everybody.
It’s just that do one activity at least in a day.
Your daily diet must include salad, some proteins and a metabolism boosting element like green tea. I am not saying you to follow the upper schedule just bring some change in it. It is not merely for only those who want to lose weight but it is for everyone who is busy in their life to hardly look upon their health.

Health before wealth

But we forget this in our hard struggling life. Everyone is so busy in their life that they don’t care about health weather it’s children, parents or grandparents.

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