Everyone wants to look fit while eating their favourite food all time.
Why we want to look good ? May be because everyone is attracted to only good things and beauty. Each girl wants sexy slim figure while each guy wants muscular body and smart beard look . Is it possible that everyone of us to look same ? No , we can just maintain ourselves and be happy with what we are .
If I dream to have a figure like Karina Kapoor , I can just work out for that but I know I can never look like her . So , why I just not try to be me . I can get inspiration from others but cannot be like someone .

Fitness a lifestyle…

Try to be fit and not slim. Fitness should not be a procedure , it should be a lifestyle. Like food is our life. So , eat whatever you want to weather it’s pastries , samosa , pizza and endless list of food of your choice. But take care of the amount you are taking in . It should not extend the basic amount of calories per day consumption. If you are consuming a lot of calories try to burn it in the day you had extra. Fitness cannot be achieved in days or months or one year , it should be part of your life.

Try avoiding sedentary lifestyle . Bring some exercise in your busy schedule that is most important in your fitness . Either join a gym or do yoga or exercise at home . If still u don’t have time at least walk 10k footsteps daily . Have a good proper sleep of 7 hours minimum. These three factors play major role in your fitness . That is healthy food , proper sleep and workout daily .

Love your body

Loving our own self is most important. Because if you don’t love yourself how can you expect someone to love you . I use to hate my body . I cannot accept the fat tyres all around my belly. Either I have to workout for this or I have to love my body the way it is. But this doesn’t give me happiness . So, I joined the gym and have reduced a little . Now I have started loving my body. I like to look in the mirror and feel happy. So , you have to work out only that much that you love your body . Eat healthy and be happy.

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