Since in this period of quarantine every one is at home. No gyms and no outdoor activities like jogging or walking can be done.
And we don’t know yet how much more time we have to be lockdown in our homes. So, do you think sitting idol without any physical work and chewing like couch potato gonna build immunity against the deadly CORONAVIRUS?
No, we have to make our immune system strong. Because it has been reported that people who have strong immunity are able to fight with coronavirus. In fact, the old age ones. But people with low immunity and people with diseases like diabetes are increasing no. Of deaths.

So, if you wanna live your life and be safe from corona than along with staying at home, practice some good physical workout.
People who love dancing can dance at least 30 min this will keep your body active. If you are having lawn and partners or children play with them sports like badminton, football, basketball.
Others who use to go to the gym, if they have equipment can continue their gym workout at home too.

But for those who use to go to the gym and now can do some of these workouts. Jumping jacks, skipping, lunges, squats, squat jump, sprinting, high knee, butt kickers.

Practice only 5 exercises out of these. It will hardly take 30 minutes.
Other than this you can do a core workout. You can do yoga. If you don’t know watch videos. In fact, other than this you can enjoy as well as remain fit by doing Zumba. play some music and Just dance and stretch.

So this will help you keep your body fit as well you can pass some of your time. Besides this physical workout eat some healthy food items like fruits, proteins, vitamins. Try making good preparations that you can enjoy as well as benefit your body. Drink a good amount of water.
In this time take care of yourself, your children and your family. Stay home. Keep your immunity boost up. And be healthy.

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