True love isn’t about saying ‘I love u.’
It’s about understanding the deep feelings of others for you.

Trust is not about sharing passwords and checking phone.
It’s about sharing sorrows, laughter and being transparent with each other.

Care is not about asking, Did you eat? Where are you going?
It’s about reminding them that, you are there for them whenever they need you. Care is about encouraging them. It’s about supporting them to follow up on their dreams.

Communication is not about talking to them every time. It’s about talking merely 10 minutes and having the most beautiful moments. It’s not about talking daily, it’s about having the same connection when you talk.

Loyalty is not about being completely committed to them. It’s about not giving up on each other when you have a fight. It’s about not thinking of others at the same time. Loyalty is about telling the truth.

Don’t let them go…

Intimacy is not about sleeping with them sexually. It’s about touching their soul and heart rather than craving for your pleasure needs.

Responsibility is not always a duty to make sure your partner is fine. It’s about a sense of security your love shows up when you need to take any important decision in your life.

Fights doesn’t mean you will break up every time.
It’s about understanding the situation and patiently listen to them. It’s about clearing all the messed up between both.

A relationship is not about making gf or bf
It’s about knowing the person well, their flaws, their imperfections and still loving them happily.

And yes, whosoever says in today’s world true love doesn’t exist. Prove them with your eternal love. I believe true love exists and will end you in heaven.

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