Andaman and Nicobar islands are the best to explore the variety of corals and reefs at the bottom sea with numerous species of fishes and other water animals.
It’s is not necessary that you may know how to swim. That’s a great benefit who do not know swimming at all. The divers are there with you throughout your adventure. It costs ₹3500 which includes underwater photography and your videos. And yes, it is worth spending this much amount of money to get a new experience in life.

There are many beaches where scuba diving is available. North bay beach is my adventure site for scuba diving. Before entering the water, they made you put tight fit swimsuit and shoes and also heavyweight at your waist. Then you enter the water with your divers. You will get the training session over there for at least 15 minutes. You will learn the signs for communicating under the water with your diver. Practice how to breathe from the mouth. When you are fully comfortable than divers take you to the point where you gonna explore the real world underwater.

My experience was awesome. I don’t have words to explain the peace, the beauty, the fishes and corals. Yes, I face some problems because of pressure on the ears under the sea. But you can come up at any time.   Everything seems to be so silent and so beautiful. I will suggest once every one must explore this adventure. You just gonna love it.

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