It’s OK to be wrong at times .
We are humans , and we can make mistakes.
Mistake cannot be such a big to be the reason to destroy our life.

Never being wrong doesn’t make us perfect

I don’t know why we fear from making mistakes. Always being right or never being wrong doesn’t makes us good or perfect. We all do mistakes in our life . Now, think what would really happen ? Think of the worst than also your life keep on going . Don’t regret for making the mistake . But learn from your mistake so that it never happen again.

If you’ll never try , you’ll never know

If you will try something new , there are chances of mistakes. Think you never try anything because of fear of being wrong .Actually this is wrong never trying anything .

Before starting with something new , if you will start calculating it’s merits and demerits than you will never be able to do anything .Because each and everything in this world has both positives and negatives. Even we humans have both positives and negatives .

Life examples …

Like something for someone is interesting and for you it might be boring .Rather listening to others advice try out than make your judgement .

It’s not only about making Mistakes in work but also with people around.

In life we make many friends at every part of life in school , college and where ever we go . But that doesn’t mean they all are real friends . Sometimes we trust alot and the person cheat us . So at this point it isnt our mistake to trust such friend rather we learn and start observing more from next time and choose our friend wisely.

Stop worrying for being wrong and try out new experiences. Never have guilt for making Mistakes. Go make mistakes and learn from them.

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