Our fears make us weaker

I’ll tell you my experience, I always wish to dance on stage once but always had fear because I can dance but not as good as other dancers. So, it was my fresher event, I decided to dance this time and guess what, I danced on Rajasthani culture folk dance. This was not at all my type because I am Punjabi and can only do the Bhangra well. Now, I think and feel happy and also shocked at the same time that I have done this finally. This is my pic in dance attire.

Only you can stop your fears …

Another example: when we start learning a car. The first week it’s hard to slowly leave the clutch and press the accelerator. Then slowly day by day we are able to understand the mechanics and start applying gear ourselves.
Now, what, you know everything about the car and you can drive. But if you will not practice by yourself because of fear than you will never be able to drive in the crowd . This what happens to me. It has been more than a year I had learned how to drive a car but still lacks the confidence to drive alone in a crowded place because I had never tried driving in the crowd.

I know this won’t let me anywhere in this competitive world, so I just grabbed the keys and started driving in a little crowded place. You won’t believe but yes I am more confident now and drive in crowded markets as well. It happened within a few days. I realized my fear was the only thing stopping me to step forward.

I want to say: just try! if you have something on your mind just go and do it. Just say yourself: ‘I can do it‘.Never let your fears stop you. You should stop your fears and move forward.

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