Are you thinking of something to do , yes than do it now ,so not to have regrets in life later on. It’s rightly said it’s never too late .You can start over anytime.

If Not Today,When?

Life can end at any moment  therefore, instead of waiting for that particular moment why not to live that moment now.Why to have regrets in life afterwards. 
Opportunities and Obstacles both come without asking you so give a chance to yourself to grab that opportunity and overcome all the obstacles .

Don’t wait for the right time

If you want to say anything to anyone just say it, if you have feelings for someone just express right now , you have any grudges for some one just say and clear the things , the way you are thinking might not be the way the other person thinks . When you have fight it’s just because of ego or misunderstanding . Misunderstanding we can clear by talking , but ego you have to leave .

If you can dream it you can do it

Have ever dreamt of anything , just go and do it now or just start with its basic step. Like , I always wanna be gym fitness freak but never showed much dedication. And I always had excuses for being busy but now I have started working for it because I know I will achieve it one day. But important is to start working towards your dreams.

When the person is on bed at his or her end days of life, he/she always have regrets. At that time he thinks I wish I could have done that , I wish I would haven’t opted for that and the wish list goes on. These regrets we experience in everyday life. We always keep on saying I wish , I wish I could, I wish I have this and so on. Why ?? Why do we always keep on saying I wish,Why not to work for it ,Why not to have it now? Never ever have regrets in life
Always remember the saying Now or Never.

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