Every person has endless list of desires, he wishes in his life. But not everyone got his list fulfill.

Therefore, stop and enjoy wherever you are. You cannot get everything at the same time but you can enjoy wherever you are at present.

One day, when you will look back these moments will look bigger. Yes, we have so many desires but whatever we get, we can be happy with that.


In life, we always do not get all the things. We should not regret for not getting what we desired for, we must think of the things we have achieved. If you sit and think about what you have already achieved you will feel happy. And you will realize that yes, you have achieved a lot.


A person must be satisfied at some point of his life. In real world, no one is satisfied because our desires keep on extending the more we achieve.
Like a person desired to buy a SWIFT car, later he was able to buy but then his desire grows bigger to buy bigger cars like BMW.

There is someone who wishes to live our life. For someone buying a car is a dream and for someone even buying a bicycle is a dream. We cannot live the life of others but we can be happy with our own life. There is both kind of people in the world who live their life better than us and also those who live their life worst than us.

Be happy with what we already have. 

Why? We cannot get satisfied at any point of our life. We must be happy with what we are doing and what we are having. But no, we all keep on demanding more and more and whole life struggling for it to achieve. 
We must work hard to achieve our dreams and never let them die, but we must be happy at every point of life for what we have.

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