Best place to relax your body and soul in a healthier way: KAYAKALP!

Himalayan Research institute of Yoga Naturopathy in the name of “KAYAKALP” at Palampur, Distt. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is centre which provides an integrated system of treatment through Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Physiotherapy, Acupressure and many more such natural treatments which makes it the best place to relax your body and soul.

My experience

I had gone for just 3 days with my parents .
The very first moment , we have to register myself using some forms . Then I was asked to visit different doctors , they asked me general questions about my health state of body .
They prescribed different treatments according to body and health. They give you diet chart too . We get food only according to that diet chart which is very limited .
Treatments are like steam bath , body massage with oil, sona bath , jet bath , mud pack and many more. Each treatment cause you different cost . No mobile phones are allowed inside which again disconnects you from others and relax your body & mind .

The three time meal is well prepared and is available only for particular time . Which means we have to get food within that 1 hour . Yes, my body feels very light because they give you little to eat . And there’s no way of cheating since there is no availability of any shops or stalls around .

Daily schedule

In morning we went for 1 hour yoga class and day time we have treatments while in evening we went for meditation .
At night , we go for walk in the tree covered area . I have never experienced such peace .
Yes , you yourself will feel the result not only in your physical health but also mental health .

More about place

This centre not only helps you reduce weight but also heals the root of many of your health problems in a natural way . The staff is very cooperative and expert in their skill. The rooms and the surroundings are well maintained .

Since KAYAKALP is located in himachal , the weather makes this place more relaxing to you . Many times it rains in a day . The pleasant weather will makes your holidays even better . Outside the centre there are local markets to visit in palampur.
I would recommend you to visit once because you will prefer next time again .


If you want a holidaying in a year , it is the best place to spend money in a useful way on your body . Especially the elders who are retired and free from house chores , for them it is the best place .

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