When something goes wrong every one says to be in your limits. Can anyone please tell me what are limits? How can you decide the limits?

I think it’s our personal choice to choose limits. To create our own boundaries. The thing which is normal for you might be out of limit for me.
So my limits are decided by me and I go according to it. How could you decide my limits?

Like in India especially sex before marriage is wrong. Parents say be in your limits. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is ok at times but be in your limits indirectly they wanna say just be as friends and share emotion but do not intimate. And this is applied mainly for girls. But I wanna say that for me if I am in love, I had intimated that’s my choice. It is not a limit or any boundary I cannot cross. It’s ok if I want to intimate. People, in fact, your friends start judging you. I would say stop judging because you don’t know what is the emotion at that time. For someone, that moment can be very beautiful.

There are so many other days to day life examples. When we fight with someone and speak harsh words. We usually say be in your limits and talk. If you can cross limits than why not other people. Everyone is equal. Boundaries are created by only us. We made own choices and bound ourselves.

Girls are not allowed to speak much and loud. If a girl speaks alot and raise her voice against any wrong thing even at home, she is asked to be in her limits. A lady doing all household chores is not allowed to speak inbetween family talks. If she does, she is reminded that she should be in her limits and do her work. If we are equal than atleast give girls equally a chance to speak and express her views.

I want people to extend their boundaries. And do not limit yourself. Experience and explore each and everything. For that first broaden your mentality. Youth generation should start bringing change in their families first and then their society.

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