BDS is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery while MBBS is a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Why the dentist is not considered a doctor ??

I am a budding dentist and right now its final year of my graduation in BDS. And after one year I will be officially called a dentist by profession. But I want to ask everyone why I am not considered equal to MBBS doctors.

BDS is a study of only teeth and the oral cavity for five years. While MBBS is a study of whole-body not majorly focusing teeth and oral cavity.
But I think no one knows that the first two years of BDS include the same subjects as MBBS. While third-year includes medicine and surgery also the subjects of MBBS. Besides these MBBS subjects, we too have our dental subjects.
Thus, I want to say we the dentists have equal basic knowledge as MBBS students because we are taught equally the same subjects.
Rather I should say we have more practical work than MBBS students and our subjects are also more which we have to study. Because we have to get all the basic knowledge of the whole body as well our focus on the oral cavity and how is it linked to whole-body functioning.

Do you know why I just picked up this topic today?

  • I really have a lot of anger or I should say I want your opinions and our government to act in some good way for BDS.
  • Because the first thing is nobody gives a dentist as equal respect as an MBBS doctor gets. Because they think when a child doesn’t get admission to MBBS he finally opts for BDS. This clears that those who aren’t Intelligent and wasn’t able to score a seat in MBBS they are left with nothing but BDS. And I will say this is the truth. Because there is no separate exam for BDS. Since our society consider MBBS as a more superior doctor so everyone wants only MBBS seat. Why? Anyone will opt for BDS if you will not give respect and not consider them as good doctors.
  • The other thing that I have discussed the above subjects. Yes, we have to study all the subjects of MBBS because they are necessary before we give any treatment plan . We are not allowed to do any treatment without their regular check-up. We know how to check BP. How to treat a diabetes patient, hypertensive patient, liver disease and many more such common diseases in patients. It is not so that we give treatment directly. We have considered everything before we go for any treatment. We know what medicine should be given before a patient with hypertension comes into the clinic.

What you think are we less than MBBS students?

  • I would say NO, not at all. I am a proud dentist. We know more about practical work and deal with so many patients in our course manually. We actually perform every step on a patient by ourselves in our five-year course what a professional BDS doctor would play.
  • Next, I would discuss , that our society needs to change the mindset about BDS study. If there are no BDS doctors who are gonna treat the oral problems. Ok, an urban city patient may keep good hygiene of their mouth but rural people are still on neem stick users for brushing. Do you know how many problems are there people dealing with oral health? No, because you haven’t seen the real population. Go to any dental college you will realize how many problems a patient comes with.
  • Ok, think you have a slight pain in your tooth. Doesn’t it is painful? It is severe than any pain. So don’t think teeth aren’t as important as other body parts. You will not be able to eat if you don’t have a healthy oral cavity. And since you will not eat your whole body is waste. You need food for other parts to be functioning. Think smartly and bring the hygiene of the oral cavity as important as other parts.

And now, I want to say that please take some action, BDS doctor is as important as other doctors. Recently BDS admissions are going down. Because of our society mindset which needs to be changed.

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