Nowadays it’s very common to hear the word ‘Dieting‘. Every other person I met is on dieting. The profession of a dietitian at this time has gone really up. Everyone wants to look good for which they prefer dietitian help and yes results are good too.  But is this really working out in a good way?
Have you ever thought how could it be possible to lose 10 kg’s in a month? Don’t you ever feel something is going wrong, seeing such a drastic change?

We only see results but the story of the journey for dieting before and after is never known.

I am on a diet

What do you mean by dieting in actual? Starving, not eating fried food, reducing carbohydrates in your meals, no sugars at all, no pastries, no cakes no pizza, no burger, no food which contains fats.
Is this what we call ‘I am on diet!‘ really means?

Diet plan is not what you don’t have to eat, its what you can eat . A proper diet includes your all basic food which gives you a balanced diet which provides you all the nutrients required for your body. We all know Proteins are our cell building components, fats and carbohydrates provide us with energy. Vitamins, minerals, and water also play an important role in our body. Therefore, we cannot quit intake any of these.

What actually Fat is?

Fat is the stored food, to be used in an emergency. When our body consumes more amount of fat per meal per day it starts getting stored in different parts of our body. And when a person does the gym/exercise, the extra energy is used by burning this fat. If you will take only a limited amount of fat as required by the body, it will not be stored.

Remember only the extra fat intake makes you look chubby.

Diet plan

Eat whatever you want to. Take the proper amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water, minerals, and vitamins. Along with it include roughage and fiber to your daily meals. Try to take meals every 2 hours but in little quantity. If you are obese then try reducing fat and carbohydrate intake but don’t shut it down. Start consuming healthy food like sprouts, fruits, and salad daily. Once a week have a cheat day so that you can eat your favorite sweet dish and fried food. Going completely on starvation won’t make you lose weight just makes you dull.

Want to lose weight or lose fat ??

A fit person can weigh 70 kg and a chubby fat person can also weigh 70 kg. Weight is according to age and sex and differs from person to person body built.
It’s OK if you don’t lose weight, it can be your bone weight or muscular weight. Don’t just check your weight, check your BMI (body mass index). This will tell you the percentage of protein, water, and fat in your body. So that you can concentrate on the change in each content.

Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight …

Someone suggested the book “Don’t lose your mind lose your weight” by Rujuta Diwekar. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle both. I have read this book and I got to know that my thought of dieting was wrong. I would prefer whosoever goes on dieting and struggling for the fat body, do read this book. This would really change your thought and would help you out. The writer has explained in every context with real examples.

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