Psychiatrists are medical doctors that deal with the mental illness of people.
Nowadays people are not weaker physically but mentally. Because there is more stress, workload, confusion, shame in this competitive world. And no time for relaxation and even 30 minutes for themselves to spend with. People have more worries about others. What they are thinking about you? If she gets to know about what I have done I will be insulted and so many more reasons. Isn’t it true that we live more thinking of others?
So, if you feel you need to share with someone and no one is there you can share with yes, you must visit a psychiatrist. They are unknown to you. Neither you know them nor do they. So, go and burst out everything to your doctor.

Visiting a PSYCHIATRIST is not a shame.

I don’t t understand why do people feel shame to visit a psychiatrist. You will not be called mentally ill. Like every other part of our body-brain is also our major organ. Like you visit a cardiologist for heart disease or gastrologist for stomach related problems or any other organ of body you would visit related doctors if you have any issue with it. Then why not a doctor of the brain. So, don’t hesitate to visit a psychiatrist. It is not at all a matter to visit a doctor of brain. It is not always you have Any disease, it’s most of the time you need to share what you are going through. And frankly, I think every person needs to visit a psychiatrist.

How does a psychiatrist play a role?

Do you know what a psychiatrist do? He will simply do your counseling. A few questions you have to answer. Sometimes it happens that we ourselves don’t know what we are going through? what guilt is there inside us? what is stopping us to move on? There might be so many things we are dealing with we actually don’t know about. So, here psychiatrist plays a role. He will make your inner things burst out slowly with time. He will gain your trust initially which is very important for a person to tell everything about him. And I think you can tell him. He is not gonna do the announcement of things you are ashamed of.

Every person needs counseling to be done.

Relationship problems, sexual issues, guilt inside you, outer world competition, family issues, any kind of stress, feeling of looser, deciding to suicide and no more desire of living.
There are hundreds of problems people are dealing with. These things happen with everyone but the difference is some are able to move on in their life while others instinct don’t allow them to move on. The solution is to share your thing with someone. If not a known person than why not unknown like a counselor or psychiatrist. They will not harm you just make your move on ahead in life and leaving your past behind.

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