There are some people who like life, as it goes. Without any tensions, without any dreams, without any purpose, no aim, nothing to lose and nothing to win.
While there are some who have always planned each and everything before doing. Who set goals, work on that, and see their future only around that goal. Whole life they keep on struggling to achieve their goals.
And now, some people are there who want to do something in their life but don’t know what to do. They are also daily struggling to know what they actually want in life. They are people who are always confused and keep on just making ideas that do fail.
So for those who are confused with what to do in their life, they need to find what gives them happiness. The real internal happiness. For that, you need to work in so many fields to know what suits and what you are really made for.

This is what I had gone through…

I was confused about what I have to do with my life. What I want. Through the journey of identifying myself, I found I don’t need fame, I don’t want to be very rich, I don’t want to look very beautiful. Than what ??
Initially, I thought I should go for fashion designing because I can create I have beautiful imagination. I started designing dresses. But then at one moment, my brain stopped designing something new. I don’t know what to do. Then I thought I would be a famous photographer. I would buy a camera and live my earning. But somehow may be due to family or some other reasons I dropped this idea too. I was frustrated with my life. I was feeling useless about what to do. Because I am a person who can’t sit free. I was doing dentistry. And still not happy. Because I was feeling I am not doing anything of my choice. Then during college, I went on some trips, out of which goa was the best place I have ever visited. The freedom I felt in the air was immense. Then I noticed that what actually gives me peace and happiness is exploring new places. Nature, experiencing adventures, meeting new people. Yes, finally I decided this is what all I want for my life. Now, traveling can be done by earning through any source. So, I thought I will pursue dentistry and earn good to travel. And it wasn’t that, I waited for the moment to get my dentistry over with. While doing dentistry, I have traveled so many places through conferences and trips. Not only this, but the college also helped me find out my other qualities at which I am always working.

Find out what helps me out

I don’t like stopping anywhere. So, I prepared a bucket list of things I want to do in my life. This list is about 100 things I wanna do before I die. Like I wanna perform on stage dancing in front of the whole college. I wanna do scuba diving, river rafting, and many more adventures. Places I want to travel to. Writings blogs were one of the things on the list. And more things I am doing, my list is extending as much.
All of you can do this. Prepare a bucket list. Which gonna give you a purpose to live to complete all of your list wishes. I won’t say, wait for the right time to complete your list. Because there’s no right time. There’s just time and what you choose to do with it. This really gonna help you. Don’t take life seriously, don’t wait for any moment, don’t get confused. Just do it.
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