I have most of the time traveled in the mountains always. I feel the journey of mountains is hard, rough, scary and of course risky. But in the end after facing this fear I am in heaven. Manali is the place where I feel most alive.

I went to Manali with my parents. It is always good to spend more time with family. The special quality of a trip to the mountains is its journey. I think it is only hilly area trips where one can enjoy both journey as well as the destination. In these areas, you will not find much modern developed areas but only pure nature. The greenery of trees all around, the warmth of the sun. Where you will feel you are above the clouds. The drizzling rain touching your soul. The fresh and purest air. Everything is just so natural. I love the mountains.

Mountains literally give you peace. The most enjoying moment for me is sitting between mountains and listening to the silence of the valley . The birds chirping, small insects murmur and the cold air just leave me into the other world. Hot corn(butta) and the soupy Maggi is tastier what you eat normally at home just maybe because of the environment there.


I haven’t explored Manali because the weather wasn’t too good. But yes, there are so many tourist attractions and also adventure sports. We went to Rohtang pass from Manali for skiing but the weather conditions got worse and there was a full traffic jam. So, I wasn’t able to do skiing. But I have enjoyed my journey. And yes, it was my first time I have seen snow in real. Though it wasn’t fresh snow. But the white sheet over roads adds on to the beauty of the mountains.

Some places are not to just explore but to stay and enjoy its beauty.

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